Maldives Memories

Cocoa Island by COMO had been on my bucket list for 10 years and I had always vowed that when I got married, I would go there on my honeymoon. Cut to May 2015 where you find me and my husband (#newlyweds) on a speedboat hurtling through the Indian Ocean on our way to a Maldives paradise.

We were met by the friendly staff from Cocoa Island as soon as we had cleared customs in Male and most importantly, given our first of many cold towels infused with the scent of their COMO Shambhala body product range – one of my favourite smells in the world. They escorted us to our private boat transfer and 45 mins later (plus another cold towel) we arrive at Cocoa Island.

We are promptly taken to our overwater suite as it was quite late at night, even though it was dark, I was mesmerized by what I saw… aqua blue water lit up with all the suites (also lit up) proudly watching over the marine life.

The next morning I awoke as glimpses of the sun started streaming into our suite. Too excited to sleep anymore I jumped out of bed, opened the back door with husband in tow and this is what we were greeted with:

We were awestruck as to where we were… there are really no words to describe the blue of the water, the serenity that surrounds you and just how special and different this island is to anything else you may have experienced.

Cocoa Island is a 30-meter sandbar with 33 suites all built out over the water. Each suite has 360-degree views of the ocean and each with their own private terrace that gives you direct access into the water. The Dhoni suites, which are shaped like their traditional Dhoni boats add some charm to the setting and yes they, do make you feel like you live on a boat! All resort amenities such as restaurant, bar, pool, gym and spa are located on the island.

Daily breakfast is included in all rates, which can be as healthy or traditional as you like. They have a small buffet selection that you can help yourself to, along side a delicious breakfast menu that they cook as you order. Do not dismiss the COMO Shambhala menu that features an array of healthy breakfast options that make you feel so good about yourself when you are on holidays. Even my husband who is an eating machine loved this menu. In saying this, all the food on the island is incredible, its so fresh, lots of different options and they have themed nights 3 nights a week too!

We decided to treat ourselves to the spa one morning to experience the Ayurevedic therapy since we had just read about it. We picked the hour-long Pizichili therapy, which is where special warm herbal oil is continuously poured over the entire body and then combined with massage. The treatment was very different to any massage we had experienced but we definitely found it very relaxing. Soaking with oil, we were treated to a full body scrub and washed off in the outdoor shower. It was awesome and I loved being showered in COMO Shambhala products!

One afternoon we decided to go sunset fishing as my husband LOVES activities. We all jumped aboard one of their boats with some cold beers in tow and we were off… flying across the ocean to find the right fishing spot. We anchored in the middle of nowhere, were given a hand reel and bait for us to fish with. We caught about a dozen fish between 2 other guests and the staff that were on board, all lots of fun especially watching the sun go down over the horizon. The next day the chef prepared our fish for us to have for lunch. We asked to have one fish prepared as sashimi and the other we had baked whole… food I still dream about to this very day.

We spent most of our days lounging around in our villa, sunbaking on the back deck, snorkeling in the ‘backyard’, hanging by the pool or exploring the northern tip of the island, which is incredible at low tide. There are plenty of reef sharks and stingrays around this part of the island… all harmless thankfully.

We enjoyed many happy hour cocktails at 5pm everyday and attempted to learn chess while watching the sunset.


As you can imagine I was quite gutted when we had to leave, I wanted to stay in paradise forever, however all good things must come to an end… but I am sure we will be back! Hopefully sooner rather than later…!

Happy travels

GG x

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