• BirdandKnollAW16-TravelswithSakura-9970LR

    Santorini in Style

    WRITTEN BY: Gloria Gammo After sending many honeymoon clients over to Santorini over the years, I had the great pleasure of visiting this gorgeous island in September 2015. What can only be described as one of the most romantic islands on earth, Santorini is one of those places that is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings, whether… Read more »

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  • WETBar2550_369_lg

    Checking out the W in Singapore

    WRITTEN BY: Elliott Miller People say I have the dream job, others don’t understand what I do and others just think I am one of those lucky people that flies all over the world staying at luxurious hotels all in the aid of work. The truth is I do have a dream job and get… Read more »

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  • Hapuku Lodge & Treehouses

    New Zealand Honeymoon Highlights

    WRITTEN BY: Andrew Shelton Where did you stay? Hapuku Lodge & Treehouses Why did you go? Honeymoon When did you go? November 2014 Who was the lucky person that you went with? My new wife! Where is the hotel? Kaikoura, New Zealand What was the vibe like? Relaxed but sophisticated, luxurious but down to earth… Read more »

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  • Cocoa Island

    Maldives Memories

    WRITTEN BY: Gloria Gammo MY STORY Cocoa Island by COMO had been on my bucket list for 10 years and I had always vowed that when I got married, I would go there on my honeymoon. Cut to May 2015 where you find me and my husband (#newlyweds) on a speedboat hurtling through the Indian… Read more »

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